Of Referrals & Promo Codes

June 9th, 2017 by admin

Nowadays, signing up for sites is like deciding how to lose your virginity, as you can only get sign up benefits once. So here’s a compilation of promo codes. I get some benefits, but so do you, and it doesn’t cost you anything. You win, I win, everybody win.

(Arranged alphabetically)

$5/mth, unlimited data backup on computer, including unlimited external hard disks plugged in.
Get additional 1 month free.

Cardup: Earn miles/cashback by paying bills with your credit card.
$20 CardUp Credits!
Promo code: JUSTINAE70

Crypto.com – buy, trade, stake and earn interest with crypto
$25USD Sign up bonus

Crypto.com Exchange – trade with better rates
Up to USD50 Sign up bonus

eToro – social trading site.
You can trade on your own, or auto copy the trades of other investors (kinda like tag-along trades).
Get $20 to start trading. http://etoro.tw/2C7RVVF

Promo Code: eatie41f

Fave: Formerly Groupon
$2 discount off 1st purchase with promo code: FAVEJUSTINA. Sometimes the site has better promo codes so do your own comparisons.

Save 5% off next order
Promo Code: JCH695

Mileslife: Earn additional miles, on top of your credit card.
Get 1,000 miles.
Promo code: vHdBQw

For each friend who shops, you give 15% off their first order and get 15% off your next full-priced purchase.
Referral link: https://www.playosmo.com/?r=4593180304474112

Get $10 for 1st 100 sign ups

Pupsik Studio: Baby Stuff
Get 100 points upon sign up + discount codes.

Singtel Dash: e-wallet for payment at stores or online via VISA virtual card
$5 Bonus on your first top-up and up to 5% Cashback on your payments. Plus, get $5 FREE for your first remittance!
Promo Code: DHrvx12

Sunseap: Power your home with solar power
Enjoy $20 off from your electricity bill with referral code 7B7047AC. They have 100%, 50% or 1% solar plans. Can’t decide which to get? Basically any DOT (Discount off Tariffs) plan is cheaper than what you are paying SP now.

SingX: Send money to India or Malaysia at lower costs.
Get $10 NTUC Voucher.
Promo code: JUSTINA482

Shopback: Shop online, earn cashback.
Get $5 upon signup, $5 after first purchase.

Surfshark – Affordable VPN – secure your digital life and increase your Netflix library by changing your country of origin.
Sign up and get 1 month free

TransferWise – cross border money transfer. Good rates, low fees.

Interesting Facts about Enbloc

February 8th, 2019 by admin

Did you know?

Interesting Fact #1

If the condo you recently bought gets enbloc, you may be liable for Sellers Stamp Duty (SSD), payable to IRAS. The stamp duty is due immediately after the tender is awarded to the winning bidder. You’ve about 2 weeks to make payment. This is because all stamp duties, amongst other matters, have to be settled before completion of sale can take place.

Note that this is months before you receive your payout, so some people may not have the money to pay this.

It’s possible to ask for a “Waiver of Penalty & Deferment on Seller’s Stamp Duty Payable” till Sales Order is issued. However, once Sales Order is issued, payment has to be made or “there will be imposition of late payment penalty of 5% per annum, computed on a daily basis on the outstanding amount if there is no payment made after the due date“.

Take Park West Condominium for example. If you didn’t have the funds to pay the SSD, you would owe 10 months of interest! That means for every $100,000 you owe, you could owe an additional $4k+ in interest.

And what if the enbloc falls through for some reason? If you have paid IRAS, it’ll be refunded back to you. Without interest though. Interest only goes one way.

Interesting Fact #2

Not all enblocs give owners a huge windfall.

Consider this scenario:

Tom buys a condo, and pays 15% additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD) because he’s a foreigner. Because more than 80% of the people in his condo agrees to the enbloc sale, he has to pay a Seller Stamp Duty (SSD) of 12%. With recent changes in property rules, he would further incur a 20% ABSD if he were to buy a replacement condo.

He might probably be better off renting for now.

Interesting Fact #3

Some owners oppose a collective sale because even though selling enbloc gives them a bigger payout than selling on the open market, with the payout, it is impossible to get a replacement condo with the same size. Thus these owners have no interest in selling in the first place.

Enbloc are usually only beneficial for people who are retiring, and wish to cash-out and downgrade to a smaller condo or a HDB.

Some condo owners own multiple properties, so buying a HDB is not an option as they would have to sell off their other property investments. On top of that, they would incur a ABSD on their replacement condo as that would be considered an additional property.

Interesting Fact #4

Developers have a 5 year timeline to sell all their units from the date of sale. Thus, upon completion of sale, it is in their interest to get every one out, demolish and build as fast as they can, and of course sell the units.

Owners are given a rent-free period of a few months after the completion of sale to look for a replacement property. In some cases, it can be as short as 6 months. Imagine having to search for your new home (approx 1m), wait a couple of months for all the paper work to be settled (approx 2-4m), renovate (approx 2-4m) and move in all within that time frame!

Recycling in Singapore

February 7th, 2019 by admin

What’s worse than not recycling? Throwing dirty items in the bin and contaminating the clean recyclables inside, pretty much rendering none of them recyclable at all.

*PSA* only clean items can be recycled. This means rinsing your cans or food jars etc before placing it in a bin.

These cannot be recycled: used Starbucks cups, used bbq grills, food packaging (and the flies that are attracted to it), bubble wrap etc.

When in doubt, trashing it might be better then making formerly recyclable stuff become trash because it’s now dirtied.

Here’s what happens to the stuff placed in these blue bins.

And here’s what can and cannot be recycled: