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Recycling in Singapore

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

What’s worse than not recycling? Throwing dirty items in the bin and contaminating the clean recyclables inside, pretty much rendering none of them recyclable at all.

*PSA* only clean items can be recycled. This means rinsing your cans or food jars etc before placing it in a bin.

These cannot be recycled: used Starbucks cups, used bbq grills, food packaging (and the flies that are attracted to it), bubble wrap etc.

When in doubt, trashing it might be better then making formerly recyclable stuff become trash because it’s now dirtied.

Here’s what happens to the stuff placed in these blue bins.

Ever wondered what happens to the junk that goes into those blue recycling bins? Here?s a behind-the-scenes look at how Singapore?s trash is prepped for recycling.

And here’s what can and cannot be recycled:

Let's Recycle Together is a new campaign by Zero Waste SG. We aim to encourage more HDB residents to recycle using the existing blue recycling bins in their

FRANKly speaking, 6% rebate is a lot!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Update: Btw, the main reason why I feel this card isn’t attractive anymore, is that online spending no longer counts towards the minimum $500 spend. – 5 July 2016

Update: OCBC changed it’s terms & conditions wef Oct 2015. The Frank Credit Card no longer remains attractive. – 8 Dec 2015

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