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Investment strategy pays dividends

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Basically, Mr Ng was 31 when he ‘set his plan in motion’. Initially he was invested in unit trusts. But he had read Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad‘ before, and decided to sell off his unit trusts and in 3 years, manage to acquire enough dividend paying stocks to meet his monthly expenses.

This is what I’m kinda aiming for, though in my case, it’s our monthly mortgages that I wish to cover, because I’m investing with CPF funds. Currently payout from our investments can only cover half the monthly mortgage. Better than nothing I guess.

Imagine though, when it does cover all our mortgage, it’s like getting an already overpriced HDB for just a fraction of it’s cost!

Imagine having a payout from your investments that more than covers your monthly expenses.

Canny investor Ng Wai Chung is in this happy position at the age of 34.

Mr Ng, a senior IT manager – and an author of investment books – achieved this a year ago. But rather than retire, he stays in full-time employment.

His investment income stream is the result of a plan he set in motion three years ago. That was when he decided to sell his investments in unit trusts and buy stocks that pay high dividends.

‘Today, I am able to yield about $24,000 a year on my investment portfolio, enough to cover my expenses in most months,” he said.

This enviable portfolio consists of real estate investment trusts (Reits) and shares that yield high dividends, such as mainboard-listed Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). Dividends are the portions of profits which a company distributes to shareholders.


Plex can replace Front Row as Mac’s Media Entertainment Interface!

Monday, July 20th, 2009

I was reading wilco’s “Media Server Solution” when I saw his recommendation of Plex for Mac. I’ve been looking for such an app, and so I checked it out and boy is it cool. It makes me want to run out to buy a mac mini just so I can hook it up to the TV and have my own Media Entertainment Centre!

What is cool about Plex, is that it’s not as limited as Apple’s Front Row. You can tell Plex where you store your media, and it can play all sorts of formats. For example, I added my TV Shows onto Plex, and it had the option to pull TV show data from the internet. It automatically creates a nice menu page for you, with background pictures, posters, and even information about your TV show! It even pulls some theme music and plays it while you are accessing the menu, making it feel like a dvd menu.

It works for movies as well. Movie data is pulled from It even tells you what the movie is rated at, and which movie you’ve viewed before. Awesome.

Run out of storage space? Just hook on an external hard disk and point to your media. I tested out a 2.5″ portal hdd, and it worked fine – no lag!

I think the thing that caps it all up, is that you can install other plugins and applications made for plex. It allows you to view things like Apple movie trailers, Youtube videos, channels like Comedy Central, South Park and if you are in the US, Hulu offers many US TV series like 24.

And did I mention that the app is FREE?

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