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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

Such a stupid controversy. How can you be so damn concerned about the future of laws and politics when a human life (Terri Schiavo) is being left to die from starvation/dehydration? If you wanna argue about it, at least put the fucking tube back in, (pardon the language), and go do your stupid arguments and debates. If not, soon there will be no options to debate on when she’s dead and gone.

Goodness. Even prisoners get executed humanely through lethal injections, and P.O.W.s have better treatments. What is the Land of the Free coming to man? Morons.

Anyway, anyone notice the trend? There seem to be more and more morons on the earth. A good Singaporean example is the moron who asked a minister of mix race about preserving racial purity. And you wonder why we don’t have complete freedom of speech/press. Luckily, so far, the dominant Sg reaction is against the purists-school-of-thought. Can you imagine if the crowd supported racial purity? All you need is a spark to start a fire.

Who would have thought of all places, such people exist in Singapore. I wonder if he even has friends of other races, although I highly doubt so. If he has, then he’s doubly moronic. It has never been about skin color, and it should never be. Well, unless they have four legs and go meow, then maybe that’s an issue.

Anyhow, so far, Singaporeans seem to be split over major issues. Casino, Jamie Han, shows some Singaporeans are still capable of rational thinking, and they’re not all of one-thought. Maybe society is matured enough for more freedom of expression. Bit by bit lar. Society can only mature as much as influences dictate.

Singaporean Passports, Singaporean Passports, All Passports

Sunday, March 27th, 2005

Was organizing my bookmarks when I saw this link of released speeches in Sg. I clicked on the LHL speech and this paragraph made me laugh. Think we all really need to start thinking out of the box.

One day recently, I was coming back to Singapore Changi Airport, Arrival Hall, immigration counters. The security officer said, “Walk through”. I said, “No, let me queue up and see what it’s like”. So, I came in. There are about eight counters, right? “All Passports”, “All Passports”, “All Passports”, “All Passports”. The last two say “Singapore Passports Only”. What shall I do? The “All Passports” counters were all empty. The “Singapore Passport” counters had a long queue. So, I looked at this — this doesn’t make sense. Why is everybody doing that? They should go across. Then, I thought of it more, I thought maybe, they know something I don’t. So, I joined them at the “Singapore Passports” counter. I stood there for 30 seconds. I said, “This doesn’t make sense”, went across, sailed through. The girls smiled at me, beamed, offered me a sweet. So, I think the pressure to conform, to go with what we’re comfortable with — he’s doing it, let’s do the same — it happens to all of us. I think it’s something we have to combat. Nobody is there, let’s go there first, see what happens. So, that’s on the individual level. I am sure you have examples, but I will just stick to myself today.