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Big Breakfast @ McDonalds …. Maybe Not

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

I don’t have a habit of having breakfast. However, sometimes on weekends, if we happen to get out of the house before 11am, the thought of grabbing a Big Breakfast at McDonald’s somehow will cross my mind.

I hate fast-food. Burgers just don’t seem to satisfy me. But breakfast at McDonald’s somehow seems different. Maybe it’s because when we were younger, my mum used to bring my brother and I for breakfast at McDonald’s after her Sunday mass.

Tomorrow is one such day where I’ll be up way before 11am. “Big breakfast” crossed my mind. But on 2nd thoughts, paying $5.85 (x2) for a sausage patty, some eggs and a bun seems kinda nuts.

We’re going to enjoy some home-made french toast instead. 🙂

How to enjoy 36% discounts off big ticket household items

Friday, December 26th, 2008

When you move into your new home, apart from renovation, one of your biggest costs is furnishing it. Big ticket items like a new fridge, washer (and dryer for some), aircon etc are enough to rack up thousands of dollars.

Did you know that with careful planning and a bit of luck, you can pay $1,999 for $3,137 worth of goods – a total discount of 36%!

Here’s how:

1) Go for Fairs

These fairs are usually held at Suntec Convention Halls and Expo Halls. Examples used in this entry includes the Audio House “Home Electronics Fair” and the Courts “Megatex”.

You can usually find good discounts at such fairs, as retailers will price their goods below the usual price outside. Their aim is to sell as much goods possible (volume), using great discounts as the motivator.

For example, a 32″ Panasonic LCD Television was selling for $699 at the Megatex fair. On top of that, it comes with a $150 NTUC Voucher!

2) Look out for Display Sets

Usually during the last 2 days of a fair, all display sets are up for grabs. Retailers have to have sets on display so that people like you and I can examine the stuff and buy them. However, they are faced with the problem of what to do with these sets after each fair.

They cannot repack them and sell them as new. (They could, but that wouldn’t be ethical.) They can’t bring them back to the stores, as there are existing display sets there. Usually what they would do is to mark down the price even more, and sometimes possibly selling it at cost.

These sets have only been on display during the fair, so they are still new, and a real steal. On top of that, you’ll still enjoy the normal warranty and any existing promotions.

3) Bargain

The listed discounted price is not a fixed price. Ask the salesperson nicely, buddy up with him, and ask for a better price. They sometimes drop the price some more. The drop is slight (eg. $50), but better than nothing!

4) Cash is King

If you are getting display sets, usually you aren’t allowed to pay by installment plans, as an additional cost will be incurred by the retailer. So be prepared to pay in full by cash, NETS, or credit card, to enjoy the discount.

5) Examples

Need examples? Here are some real purchases:

Item 1: Mitsubishi 2 Door Fridge (MR-F30U)

Bought at Audio House’s “Home Electronics Fair” at Suntec Convention Hall (Nov ’08)

Usual Price (U.P.): $639
Fair’s Price: $$549 (14% off U.P.)
Final Price (Display Set): $450 (39% off U.P.)
Remarks: Free Delivery & $30 Robinson Voucher & 1+2 year warranty
Set is a “Home Electronics Fair” display set.


Item 2: LG Direct Drive Tromm Washer Dryer (LG WD-14331AD)

Bought at Audio House’s “Home Electronics Fair” at Suntec Convention Hall (Nov ’08)

Usual Price (U.P.): $1599
Harvey Norman: $1199 (25% off U.P.)
Fair’s Price: $999 (37% off U.P.)
Final Price: $950 (40.5% off U.P.)
Remarks: Free Delivery & Assembly


Item 3: Sanyo Window Casement Aircon (SAC-88G)

Bought at Courts “Megatex” at Expo (Dec ’08)

Usual Price (U.P.): $899
Fair’s Price: $849 (5.6% off U.P.)
Final Price (Display Set): $599 (33.4% off U.P.)
Remarks: Cash & Carry

How have you saved on home improvement? Share with us!