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Buying a Bicycle: Hidden Costs

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

On Sunday, I bought a $79.95 bicycle that was on offer at carrefour. It had like, 10 speeds I think, but no front/back suspension, much like the first bicycle I owned when I was younger. It had a 5% instant discount, + 5% rebate on the POSB Everyday card.

I’ve a bike, so now I need a lock to secure the bike right? Looked at locks. $19.90! Woah, I guess having paid only $72 (after rebates) for a bike, I wasn’t prepared to fork out 27% of its price on a lock. So I got a $5 lock near my house instead, and a $4 bell for it. In the event it did get stolen, I wouldn’t cry too much over it.

But that got me thinking: With so many options these days, one can easily spend more than $300 on a bicycle with front and back suspensions, and lots of speeds. But after spending more than $300 on the bicycle, you’ll than feel like you need to spend more on a good lock to protect your investment.

Is that $19.90 lock good enough? Should I fork out more for that $50 lock cause it looks more secure, and it would be a shame to lose my $500 bike just because I was too cheap to buy a better lock right?

Before you know it, your $500 purchase balloons to $800, with all the blinkers, bells and whistles. Hidden costs.

It happens with buying pets too. You can get a dog from the pasir ris dog farm for less than $500. However, by the time you’re done buying it’s accessories, training cage, carrier, food, toys etc, you find that *oops*, you’ve spend almost as much money on these stuff as the dog itself!

I guess that’s why it always seems like money no enough, cause we forget about all the hidden costs that comes along with our purchases.

Blog earns money?

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

This blog currently brings me approximately USD1 a day in adsense revenue. I told my cousin that, and she said “you need to start like a 100 more of such blogs!” Lol.

This blog is still more of a hobby than anything, cause that $1/day just about covers its annual hosting and url fees.

If you do see an ad that interests you though, do visit the link. It does help keep this blog alive!