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Which is better? An iMac 20″ or a Macbook Pro 15″?

I own the very first 15″ MacBook Pro to come out on the market. It’s recently passed its 3 year mark, and so now it’s longer covered by AppleCare. I’m starting to save for a new mac in the event something tragic happens to my laptop, and I’ve left apple-less!

I’m torn between a 20″ imac & the improved 15″ MacBook Pro. Obviously both has its advantages and disadvantages. The 20″ imac has a bigger screen and harddisk, is cheaper, but is a desktop, whereas the MacBook Pro now has 7 hours of battery life, and is portable, but is 33% more expensive.


One of the things I dislike about the new MacBook Pro is there is no longer the option to choose between matte or glossy screen. I like matte screens. Luckily, there are screen protectors out there that creates the ‘matte’ feel:

Some users have commented that application of screen protectors does create a slight blur though, so it might or might not be a good idea applying the iVisor.

My faithful Mac is still serving me well. I think chances are I’ll be enticed to get a new mac even before my current one gives up the ghost! But I’m trying to resist and remind myself that the moment a new model is released, it is already outdated (as Apple would already be working on newer and more innovative models in their labs!) Thus, its better to wait till I really need a replacement, and be able to get a newer model then what is on the market now.

2 Responses to “Which is better? An iMac 20″ or a Macbook Pro 15″?”

  1. kev Says:

    my personal preference is definitely the 13″ lower end version with self upgrades to HDD/RAM

  2. Justina Says:

    i did consider that. in terms of mobility, it’s definitely more mobile. Only, the main reason why i would want a laptop is so that I can work offsite, and even with a 15″, clients already complain screen is small! lol.

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