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You know the phenomenon where your own personal blog suddenly gets a spike in visitors? Usually, it’s due to one of the following below:

As you know, both Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi are very popular Singaporean Bloggers, and have a huge fan readership. Thus, whenever they mention a site, their users visit the said site, and viola, a spike in visitation. Thus the term: “This blog has been BROWNED” and “This site got MIYAGIED

Today, I introduce a new phenomenon: “This site has been the subject of a CZ-hunt” icon.

I mean, for some reason, my blog shows up whenever someone does a search on the rac-ist ps-c schol-ar (I’m mutilating the words cause I don’t want it to be pulled up on a search!). So far today, there has already been 79 hits, and the day is only a little over half over.

Waiting for this whole thing to die down. This whole spike thing is unnerving.

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  1. Justina Says:

    As some entries were migrated from a different blog, these were the comments migrated with it.

    yk wrote on apr-18, 9:15am ‘ You know you can put a meta tag in your header to prevent google from caching or tagging your site or certain pages.’

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