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Cine Singapore 2006

Cine.sg has a new batch of local film screenings on-going. Most of them are shows you can’t really find elsewhere, so if you’re interested, check them out:

Cine.sg Schedule 2

“Cine.SG is a platform that allows local moviegoers to enjoy Singapore films on the big screen. It allows them to discover brand-new films or truly homegrown classics. It is also a platform that allows local filmmaking talents to meet their audience, through Q&A sessions and seminars.

Cine.SG hopes to encourage the next generation of homegrown filmmakers to continue to hone their skills and make new films. It also hopes to encourage fans to watch Singaporean movies, to feel passionate about them, and perhaps even make their own in the future!

Cine.SG is one of the first events under the National Museum of Singapore’s Cinematheque initiative, which looks to promote the appreciation of history and culture through film seminars and screenings of local, independent and ASEAN films.”

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