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Racist? Maybe not. Handling it with ‘Satire’ would have been better.

Remember Mr Brown’s article ‘Life is getting scary, Mummy‘ which involved a fictious son, Khia Soo (Kiasu! haha), complaining about school?

I bring that up for the reasons below:

Some have claimed that it was neccessary to bring cz’s actions to light. Not only was his ‘racist’ comments brought to light, the witch-hunters also started digging up stuff that were totally irrelevant to the issue, and in someway, the ‘racist’ issue is kinda being diluted.

I don’t even think it’s an issue of racism. cz was mad that a non-singaporean was running for committee positions in the Singapore Students Association. That guy just happened to be an Indian National, and so the word ‘racism’ popped up in his head. Think of the Khia Soo. These two cases are actually not much different. Khia Soon just happened to be dealing with Chinese Nationals, and since he was chinese, the word ‘racist’ wasn’t even in question.

I think cz is probably confused. He’s angry, but doesn’t know what to attribute his anger to, and so he turned to the most obvious selection, and called it ‘racism’.

Satire would have been a better way to approach this issue. Create a fictionous guy, who’s complaining about another fictionous guy, attacking just one issue. You eliminate the unneccessary personal harrasment, but yet the issue is stilll brought to light. People can look at it more objectively too, because none of the other factors are affecting their judgement. There’s no ‘PSC’ or ‘Scholar’, or ‘mamasan dolly’. There’s no backlash. Think of the brown article above, and you’ll get what I mean.

I’m telling you, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. It’s very cliche, but it’s true. Someone should have informed him, educate him, whatever. Even if it is truly his mistake, his family and friends should be put in the spotlight too.

Let’s stop ripping apart lives on our way to betterment. We are after all working towards progress aren’t we?

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  1. Justina Says:

    Xue wrote on apr-17, 10:12pm: ‘The reply to that letter may have been satire in its format, but it doesn’t mean that its content can’t be racist. It is telling that he chose to attack the man’s race. That this even pops up as a possible ‘flaw’ is indicative of Mr. Chua’s racism. Yes, he can mock that man through satire – for example, the language his e-mail was written in was quite stiff and pompous. BUT he chose to attack his race and nationality, which would never have popped up if he wasn’t racist. Why did the word ‘racism’ pop up in his head anyway?

    Anyway, I think the major cause of offense was another more explicitly racist excerpt: “the Singaporean association here in my school has become an indian association. so gross. and somemore non-singaporean. its just so repulsive…these ugly guys with dark skin n irksome features. ya. i discovered i’m so racist. at the club (under lighting in which everyone is supposed to look good), i still find indians and filipinos (dark ones) so repulsive n such a turn-off. anyway, so now we have this ugly mass as our president. n his indian counterpart who isn’t even singaporean is our senator. what is the world coming to? why are indians dominating the singaporeans here?
    all these mang ka-li….gross gross. don’t come near me!”

    Finally, I would like to clarify that while I think it’s fair for the public to criticise his racist views, I don’t think it’s fair to criticise him based on other irrelevant characteristics (like his choice of ‘Mamasan Dolly’ for his name of his blog ring, IIRC – some latched onto this to insinuate that he’s gay…).’

    juznuts wrote on apr-17, 10:16pm: ‘actually, i’m not suggesting that his letter was meant as a satire. Rather, what I’m suggesting is that instead of ‘burning him on the stake’ by reporting him to the ST and PSC, someone should have written a mr brown like article about it. That’s one of the reasons why I cited his article in the first place. This way, you made known the problem at hand, without the consequences of a personal attack on his ‘other irrelevant characteristics’. ‘

    xue wrote on apr-17, 11:30pm: ‘Oh, I apologise for misinterpreting you then. Shall blame it on the lack of sleep and exam-stress. 😛

    I do see your point, because I’m not sure that the severity of the backlash was deserved.’

    fishtank wrote on apr-18, 1:04am: ‘Maybe the term xenophobia fits better even though racist is what he choose to call himself and what everyone followed upon…


    Interestingly, quoting from wikipedia|racism:

    “Since the last quarter of the 20th century, there have been few in developed nations who describe themselves as racist, so that identification of a group or person as racist is nearly always controversial. Racism is recognised by many as an affront to basic human dignity and a violation of human rights.”

    So better not use the term lightly..:)

    Furthermore, even if he written it as a witty satire, the underlying message would probably be the same. Just different forms of expression. Mr Brown’s article is probably more palatable because he expressed the innocence and bewilderment of a child, who could only reason at his level of intellect. Nothing particularly inflammatory. cz’s is more like a wild lash of the whip not expected from someone his age and maturity. That’s a great difference.’

    fishtank wrote on apr-18, 1:11am: ‘ Three Question lingers:

    Why would a Singapore Students Association have the president who is non-singaporean? Pretty unusual…eh. Is there an India Students Association?

    Did anyone hack into his site to access his blog? Wouldn’t it be seen in different light if that happened? Who did the hacking?

    How did it became known so quickly he is a PSC scholar? Did he bragged about it on his website or it was uncovered by some super snoop?’

    juznuts wrote on apr-18, 1:27am: ‘ it’s not uncommon for other nationalities to run for a committee position for another association. usually it only happens when there’s a lack of singaporeans in the SSA though, like in the case of the SSA in my sch. I don’t know if this was the case here.

    The blog wasn’t hacked into. Only the root site was pw-protected, poorly at that. The rest of the site wasn’t.

    Apparently, he did mention PSC somewhere in his blog entries, according to the forums.’

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