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How much does Hope cost?

With the standard of living increasing with each very day, flats costing two arms and two legs, it’s no wonder there’s always a long Q outside the various Singapore Pool outlets. As the line from the local movie The Best Bet goes:  “????????????” Translated, it just means ‘If you buy, at least there’s hope. If you don’t buy, confirm no hope lar!

Recently, a friend of mine migrated to Australia. He told me that in Australia, they’ve taken lottery to a whole new level: You can now buy lottery online, with a just a few clicks! And what’s even more interesting, is that it is not only restricted to Australians, but virtually the whole world. Imagine the amount of revenue collected by the Australian government each year from international gamblers.

I wonder how long it’ll take for Singapore Pools to get online, especially with Singapore on the path to becoming a gambling hub. They already have account phone betting through their ‘Poolz Connect’. Ka-ching! The sweet sound of money rolling into the Government coffers!

I don’t think Singapore’s online lottery will attract much people from around the world though. Our prize pool is too small. Imagine, our lottery only hit amounts as high as $10 million a couple of times a year, whereas Australia’s 2nd January draw is a whopping AUD$30 million, and with weekly lotto draws in the millions! How to compete?

And to encourage people to try them out, the first game is on them. Good marketing I must say. Everything is so streamlined and automated. You pay online, and your winnings are automatically credited into the payment of your choice, which includes paypal.

The odds of being struck by lightning is higher than that of winning the lottery. But the fact that such lotteries exist proves that people would still buy lottery tickets. How much does hope cost? Apparently, hope starts from just $1, and the first one’s on the house!

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