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It’s all about the Money

‘Where I went wrong’ Kuan Yew
Should have allowed stuff like grand prix and MTV, etc, admits mentor.
Apr 17, 2005

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has said he made a mistake of under-estimating the power of pop culture and of not building a Formula One course.

He had forgotten ‘pop culture’ in his bid to turn Singapore into a ‘first-world city in a third-world region’. He had seen the need to build a cultured place, with libraries, theatres and museums.

‘But I didn’t see that the money was in pop culture,’ he said.
He personally could not understand the lure of pop singers or MTV programmes, ‘but that’s not the point’.

“The point is, it attracts millions of young viewers around the world, and there is big business in this.

“So from a business point of view, whether I like it or not, I should be – the Government should be – interested in this,” he said at a dinner conference at the Fullerton Hotel.

He used the occasion to support having a casino here, something he had opposed during his time.
APR 17, 2005


6 Responses to “It’s all about the Money”

  1. preetam rai Says:

    Blogs are pop culture aren’t they?

  2. this side of paradise Says:

    At the bottom of the article, shouldn’t this read 17 April 2005, instead of 17 April 2007? ;o)

  3. Justina Says:

    congrats. you spotted an error 😛 not completely my fault though, the error existed on the original site. it’s just one of those things that slip by. 😀

  4. this side of paradise Says:

    So, you just cut and paste? Where’s the originality in that?

  5. Justina Says:

    The post was filed under ‘articles’, because it is an article. I’m not sure what originality is needed on my part, since I wasn’t the one who wrote the article.

    This blog is all about watching after all, and one of the things I do is keep articles that catch my eye, especially when I do want to comment about it (which I did in the next post). I didn’t want to link to an external site because there’s the possibility that the article might not be hosted there forever.

  6. this side of paradise Says:

    Okay, you’re logical. ;o) My favourite type of person. Heh heh.

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