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How to get discounted tickets to the Singapore Flyer

I’ve never been on the Singapore Flyer cause personally I find it too pricey for a 30 minute ride, and until recently, half of your view was an uncompleted Casino construction site. It costs $29.50/adult and $20.65/child.

Recently, I was on the Passion website, and I saw that members can get tickets for almost half off, by submitting a booking form at least 7 days prior to getting on the Flyer.

As I’ve relatives visiting, I thought I’ll give in this once, and go on board the Flyer with them. So I applied for a Passion Card too ($12).

6 adults + 1 kids = $100.

$197.65 (original price) – $100 – $12 = $85.65 in savings.

Plus one of the adults get to borrow my Passion Card for transport, as it doubles up as an Ez-link card.

I just received a confirmation email for me to collect my tickets, anytime from now till 25th Sept. Good deal I must say.

*Do note the terms and conditions, amongst which “Flight date is not valid for Public Holidays (PH) & eve of PH, F1 period and other blocked out dates as stipulated by Singapore Flyer Pte Ltd.”

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  1. vina Says:

    hello, I am asking for the singapore flyer tickets .Can I get more discount for the tickets?how can I?

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