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Summary of new changes to HDB grants and rules

The Ministry of National Development recently released a picture summary of all the changes in grants and housing rules announced over the past month. Check out the MND site for a bigger picture.

In the event the link doesn’t work, here’s a backup image.

The Straits Times also created a summary of the changes:


Over 50% of households could get housing grant

HDB policy changes at a glance

2 Responses to “Summary of new changes to HDB grants and rules”

  1. Yong Says:

    I am a Singapore Citizen (35 years old) and my spouse is a SC too. I am looking to buy a 5 rm hdb where i am the sole owner and he is occupier, i paid all of the down payment and the installment. I will not be getting grant for the hdb.

    If we go through a divorce in 6mths-2 yrs time and I have the full custody of children where he visits them weekly, can i retain the hdb myself?

    I phoned the hotline and they told me it is possible as I am the sole owner but I want to be sure. thanks

  2. Anqicwx Says:

    Hi, u r very knowledgeable in HDB.
    Wonder can u help me on e below. Thxs in advance.

    My mom wants to sell part-share of her fully paid hdb flat to me at a mutually agreed price.
    May I know is it possible? If can, what is the procedures?
    Example if she were to sell the partial flat to me at 200k & my cpf only have abt 100k, does that mean I hv to tke up a loan? I m 35 this year and have taken a hdb loan before. Sold my flat 6 years ago due to divorce. So m i still eligible? Pls advise.

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