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How ‘not’ to run an opposing campaign

Singapore Angle brought to my attention this article written by Max Boot: ‘Is Blair a Liar? Brits don’t care’, published in the LA Times:

How can you tell if a political party is brain-dead? Easy. It spends an entire campaign denouncing the incumbent as a smarmy, good-for-nothing liar, rather than outlining its own agenda. The Republicans tried it against Bill Clinton in 1996, the Democrats tried it against George W. Bush in 2004, and now in Britain the Conservatives are trying it, with equal lack of success, against Tony Blair.

Such a tactic is beguiling because, to True Believers, the other side’s triumphs are never on the up and up; they must be the result of hoodwinking the hapless electorate. The problem with this approach was pointed out to me by a political strategist last week: “Voters think all politicians are liars. So telling them that someone is a particularly effective liar doesn’t work.”

I was reminded of a post that I wrote some time ago. Seems like SDP was, and still is running a campaign denoucing the incumbent party. Check out Wannabe Laywer’s entry ‘Wannabe Lawyer says SDP imbecilic‘ on how to write a Stupid Dumbass Party Press Release:

In general, any press release from the Stupid Dumbass Party usually consists of 4 main ingredients: hatred, castigation (of the G), lunacy, and finally self-immolation.

In this post, we will examine how the 4 ingredients can be identified, and in doing so, provide the answers for the pop quiz above. And maybe, learn how to make a Stupid Dumbass Party press release too!

Didn’t these people learn how to write a balanced argumentative essay in school?

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3 Responses to “How ‘not’ to run an opposing campaign”

  1. waikay Says:

    Well it’s nothing new. It’s something we have realised even before we were old enough to vote. It’s not that we don’t want to support the opposition, but there’s no good enough opposition to support.

  2. ivan Says:

    see how the lib dems run their campaign… my take on it at huichieh’s post’s comments.

  3. e pur si muove Says:

    Elections, RadioSDP and SingPass

    [^] Election season in Singapore is heating up. Witness the flurry of articles in the Singapore press about the oh-so-wonderful election system we have, that proves that the people’s voices are being heard in a fair and democratic fashion. Whoope…

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