We’re the world’s most globalized nation!

A friend told me that Singapore was the most globalized nation in an article she read, so I did a quick google to find out what she was talking about.

United States Rises, Russia Plummets in Annual Ranking of World’s Most Globalized Nations

Singapore Takes Top Spot As Globalization Overcomes Year of Trade Disputes, War, and Disease

WASHINGTON DC (April 26, 2005) — The United States broke into the top five for the first time in the annual ranking of the world’s most globalized nations, rising to fourth place from its previous seventh in the 2005 A.T. Kearney/FOREIGN POLICY Magazine Globalization Index™. Singapore took the top spot, edging out three-time winner Ireland on the strength of its increased political engagement and foreign trade ties.


Singapore rose to the top in this year’s ranking on the strength of its increased political engagement and foreign trade ties. The country’s financial contribution to U.N. peacekeeping missions increased by 41 percent and in 2003, it became the first Asian nation to sign a bilateral trade agreement with the United States.

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  1. educatewandie Says:

    Singapore Tops FP Globalization Index

    With no access to home papers, I have no idea if this has been picked up back home. The fifth annual A.T. Kearney/FOREIGN POLICY Globalization Index
    has ranked Singapore as the most globalized state in the world for 2005
    out of 62 countries (96% of W…

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