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Obedience to the extreme

Back to the Future” is a series of satirical articles anonymously posted on the UseNet newgroup “soc.culture.singapore”. The secret to be given away here is that it is really written by David Lin, author of the popular series “Moving to Singapore”.

Here’s an example:

SINGAPORE, February 29 (lint) – An eight-year old “arrested” his parents for littering into the Singapore River yesterday. Ever since the Environment Ministry empowered responsible residents to help police against litterbugs, the rate of arrest has dramatically increased. All residents are now living in fear now that they could get arrested for littering even by their close family members. According to the Straits Times, the results are cleaner streets and sacking of more than half of the Singapore cleaning force.

The eight-year old, Wu Poh Chi, was given citation for being a good model Singapore citizen. He boldly stated that “for the good of my country, I am willing to sacrifice my parents, or even my life for Singapore.” The parents will receive 3 canes each for their offense. They swear to take revenge at home.

If such an article really appear in the ST one day, someone please shoot me. 😀

3 Responses to “Obedience to the extreme”

  1. wandie Says:

    Can I introduce you to another one called the FutureFeedForward. It’s been dead for sometime now but it’s archives are still worth browsing.


  2. wandie Says:

    pardon the its/it’s boo boo. And to make sure this comment isn’t wasted, I’m going to suggest another dead site called SatireWire.


  3. ivan Says:

    it’s almost exactly what happened in 1984.

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