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Child-Sex Tourism: Why Don’t They Get These Guys?

A really well written article by Theresa Tan, on the issue of Child-Sex Tourism.


In today’s Straits Times (17 May 2005, Page 3 and H4), Theresa Tan (my younger, brighter, smarter, better-writing, passionate young friend of the same name) reported on the issue of child sex exploitation by Singaporean men being brought up in Parliament.

I’ve been on the bandwagon since visiting the website of a US 501C organisation called Shared Hope International (www.sharedhope.org) that runs rescue missions of young women and children who have been forced into prostitution. The stories ripped my heart to shreds, as they would any humane, intelligent human being not possessed by satanic forces.

It’s new to me, but the trade is as old as the Bible. That doesn’t make it right. These are CHILDREN we are talking about. In villages around Surabaya, Indonesia, for example, parents wait till their daughters get their first period and gladly sell them off to “friends” and “farangs” who are going to give their daughters a “job”. These girls may be told their going to be doing sales. They just don’t realise they’re also the product they’re selling. In India, mothers are known to sell off their daughters that are eight or nine to be “dolls” in brothels. These girls, who if they were living in Singapore, would be pulling on their uniforms and getting on the bus to school and studying for their Primary Three streaming, are kept in cages, and every 15 minutes some FULL GROWN MAN is going to come along, tap them on the shoulder, take them to a room and rape them.

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    hang them!

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