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Our Place in the World: Learn from Singapore’s mass transit


In August 1999 I spent two weeks in Singapore. Other than an occasional taxi ride and one ride in a car owned by a relative of my host, I got around the city in modes of transportation other than an automobile. I didn’t need a car because Singapore has one of the best mass-transit systems in the world.

Singapore is an island the size of Manhattan, with a land area of 265 square miles and a population of 4.25 million. It’s recognized as one of the most robust economies in the world and is a major force in Asia-Pacific economics. Hardly a day goes by without mention of Singapore somewhere in this newspaper.

Singapore is no third-world country whose people live in poverty. In 2004, the average salary for Singaporean workers (other than those self-employed) was $45,144 (in Singapore dollars; U.S. $1 equals $1.65 in Singapore dollars). Unemployment was just 5.3 percent.

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