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Trim the fat off your bills!

Over the weekend, I was looking at my Singnet/Singtel bills. I managed to shave off $9/mth and $4.67/mth on two separate bills.

For example, like most people, I’ve my own gmail and my own domain email, so I have no need for the default Singnet’s email. As such, I certainly don’t need supplementary email accounts, nor virus protection or spam protection. Neither do I need a security suite (see picture below).

Last month too, I had called Singtel up to cancel all add-on services (it’s free for the first two months, eg. color-me tones), and got them to add my cellphone plan to my mioHome plan, giving me a 15% discount off every month (at least $3.80/mth).

All in all, that would be ($9+$4.67+$3.80)*12= $209/year I wouldn’t have to pay. For just 2-3 phone calls and a few minutes of your time, I think it’s pretty worth it, and you only have to do it once.

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