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Even Telcos have a sense of humor!

Singtel wants me to be appreciative of their services and promotions. Apparently, if I had not sign up for my approx $10-12/mth Broadband on Mobile (BBOM) plan, and had gone pay-per-use instead, it would have cost me $8630.97*!

Talk about a BIG discount. Lol.

Likewise for my unlimited Video-on-Demand (VOD) which came bundled with my MioHome plan:

Oh thank you great Singtel! According to your billings, I would save $104,500 in a year!!

Actually, with unlimited VOD, it is quite substantial savings, as I’ve sworn off buying new dvds this year. They’re taking up too much shelf space and burning a hole in my pocket!

VOD actually has a lot of classic movies, some new ones, and sad to say, some trashy ones, but what impresses me the most is how instantaneously it loads when you select it, and it even remembers where you stopped (eg if you felt sleepy and just switched it off).

Incidentally, I got both these deals at Singtel fairs, and my BBOM 1Mps plan is no longer available at those rates.

* Singtel actually does cap data charges to $319.93/mth, so the exaggeration above is based on their billing statement.

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