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How to fatten a pig: Feed it $1 coins

If you find it hard to save money, try this:

Every time you get a dollar coin or fifty cents coin in change, don’t spend it. Instead, feed it to your piggy bank. It’s small enough that you wouldn’t miss it, but big enough that when it does accumulate, is actually quite substantial, and easy to take out and spend.

That’s actually how I first started saving, when I just started working, partially influenced by my older brother and his fascination with $1 coins. Whenever I ran short at the end of the month, I could dip into my mini “emergency fund” to buy my lunches till my next paycheck could be cashed.

I still save my $1 coins and 50 cent coins, not as a mini emergency fund anymore, but more for my next “fun” purchase – a simple bicycle to cycle round the neighborhood!

(In case you feel weird carrying 100 $1 coins out with you to shop, do take note that drink & food store owners would love to trade your coins for notes, as banks charge them a fee to change their notes into coins!)

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