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The Moral of the Story?

Mark wrote:

Curious as ever, I proceeded to ask about whether the moral side of sex education was even tackled. No suprises; it isn’t.

So what kind of things are taught in moral education here?

Well. There was this question, as part of a TEST (die die everything in Sing.a.pore also got test), posed to my informant’s class during the The issue of moral education in Singapore schools came up.

The extremely ‘well written’ question was like so:

You find some cash on the playground in your school. What do you do?

A. Keep it.
B. Keep it until somebody mentions that they lost some money. Then give it back. If nobody claims it after a while then it is as good as yours.
C. Hand it in.

I would take a guess that most people would choose A or B. Especially judging by the amount of people in Singapore who pull up in a Mercedes Benz to collect hardship grants for school fees. Personally I would choose B.

Answer C will definately get you full marks in the test. So obviously all the students would choose answer C.

But wait a second. Isn’t that the makings of an entirely different social problem on its own? Teaching young children to lie from an early age so that they get full marks in a meaningless test. Way to go test setters!

Funny stuff eh? But it’s all about getting the most marks. 😉

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