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Using $$ to make $$

The market has been rather volatile, and thus I managed to make some money off it. Not millions of dollars unfortunately, but much better than CPF returns! So far, year-to-date I’ve managed to make realised gains of $969 off just 2 stocks. On average, it’s already more than twice what CPF interest pays, and only 3 months have past!

25Mar – Buy 4000@$2.43
26Mar – Sell 4000@$2.50
03Apr – Buy 4000@2.48
08Apr – Sell 4000@2.56
Total gain (including dividend) = 6.8%

Sky Petrol
19Jan – Buy 116000@$0.88
08Apr – Sell 50000@$0.905
Total gain = 6.6%

This factors in all trading costs incurred, but not any miscellaneous fees that the CPF IA charges to withdraw and deposit money from CPF account. (If I recall correctly, they charged a $8 fee to move the money!!)

“Thanks to our government”, these gains are currently locked up till retirement. Lol. At least the money can’t be withdrawn and spent on, let’s say, part of a Macbook Air. 😛 It can however, be channeled towards paying off the house.

I plan to sell off the rest of Sky Petrol tomorrow once my sell limits get reset.

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