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Another chance to save 36% off your household appliances!

Remember this entry some time back:

How to enjoy 36% discounts off big ticket household items

Well the Megatex fair is back again, and will be ending on Sunday (12th April 09). And yes, display sets are still on sale. Check it out at Expo Hall 4A.

An photo of a display set for sale

Be warned – go there with a shopping list or you’re end up spending more than you save! Being waved with an offer of getting a 42″ HD-ready Panasonic TV for $899 was seriously tempting. But thankfully we left with just what we came for.

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3 Responses to “Another chance to save 36% off your household appliances!”

  1. WY Says:

    Hi Justina, Wai Kay,

    1st time here. Your website is insightful for Sg info 🙂

    Any idea what are the frequencies of these fairs ?
    Which are the better ones among the similar types ?

  2. Justina Says:

    I’m not sure how frequent these fairs are, but there’s at least a few by different organizers, mostly around holidays. If I recall correctly, last year in december, there was the Audio House Electronics Fair, and the Courts Megatex Fair.

    Look out for adverts in the papers 🙂

  3. WY Says:

    Thx for your info.

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