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Buying a Bicycle: Hidden Costs

On Sunday, I bought a $79.95 bicycle that was on offer at carrefour. It had like, 10 speeds I think, but no front/back suspension, much like the first bicycle I owned when I was younger. It had a 5% instant discount, + 5% rebate on the POSB Everyday card.

I’ve a bike, so now I need a lock to secure the bike right? Looked at locks. $19.90! Woah, I guess having paid only $72 (after rebates) for a bike, I wasn’t prepared to fork out 27% of its price on a lock. So I got a $5 lock near my house instead, and a $4 bell for it. In the event it did get stolen, I wouldn’t cry too much over it.

But that got me thinking: With so many options these days, one can easily spend more than $300 on a bicycle with front and back suspensions, and lots of speeds. But after spending more than $300 on the bicycle, you’ll than feel like you need to spend more on a good lock to protect your investment.

Is that $19.90 lock good enough? Should I fork out more for that $50 lock cause it looks more secure, and it would be a shame to lose my $500 bike just because I was too cheap to buy a better lock right?

Before you know it, your $500 purchase balloons to $800, with all the blinkers, bells and whistles. Hidden costs.

It happens with buying pets too. You can get a dog from the pasir ris dog farm for less than $500. However, by the time you’re done buying it’s accessories, training cage, carrier, food, toys etc, you find that *oops*, you’ve spend almost as much money on these stuff as the dog itself!

I guess that’s why it always seems like money no enough, cause we forget about all the hidden costs that comes along with our purchases.

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