About the Versions

Just in case you are wondering about the difference between ‘Singapore Watch ver 1.0’ and ‘Singapore Watch ver 2.0’, it’s basically this:

This site was started in 2005 while I was still studying overseas. As a means to keep in touch with current affairs in Singapore, and also to add my 2 cents. Thus, I started Singapore Watch – Examining Singapore from the sidelines. It’s focus were mainly political in nature, and also the latest happenings on the papers. This was mainly due to my sources being online and through the various local blogs.

When I graduated a few years later, and returned to Singapore, this blog slowly evolved into a mixture of old, and new topics, the newer topics being related more to working and money matters.

In 2008, I decided to shift the focus away from politics and current affairs, and focus more on money matters and living in Singapore. Thus, I renamed Singapore Watch as ver 2.0.

Why the change? I guess mainly because the new focus is more relevant to my present life, and is more useful to others who may find that ‘money no enough’. There are many foreign blogs discussing money matters, but not many in our local context, so I’ve been trying to localize it’s content to make it relevant to Singaporeans or foreigners living in Singapore.

I still yearn for political diversity in Sunny Singapore, but that is a change that has to happen over a period of time, and is not as immediate as day-to day-bread and butter issues.

Do enjoy your stay on this blog, and comments and contributions are always welcomed!

Singapore boleh!