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June 9th, 2017 by admin

Nowadays, signing up for sites is like deciding how to lose your virginity, as you can only get sign up benefits once. So here’s a compilation of promo codes. I get some benefits, but so do you, and it doesn’t cost you anything. You win, I win, everybody win.

(Arranged alphabetically)

$5/mth, unlimited data backup on computer, including unlimited external hard disks plugged in.
Get additional 1 month free.

Cardup: Earn miles/cashback by paying bills with your credit card.
$20 CardUp Credits!
Promo code: JUSTINAE70

Crypto.com – buy, trade, stake and earn interest with crypto
$25USD Sign up bonus

Crypto.com Exchange – trade with better rates
Up to USD50 Sign up bonus

eToro – social trading site.
You can trade on your own, or auto copy the trades of other investors (kinda like tag-along trades).
Get $20 to start trading. http://etoro.tw/2C7RVVF

Promo Code: eatie41f

Fave: Formerly Groupon
$2 discount off 1st purchase with promo code: FAVEJUSTINA. Sometimes the site has better promo codes so do your own comparisons.

Save 5% off next order
Promo Code: JCH695

Mileslife: Earn additional miles, on top of your credit card.
Get 1,000 miles.
Promo code: vHdBQw

For each friend who shops, you give 15% off their first order and get 15% off your next full-priced purchase.
Referral link: https://www.playosmo.com/?r=4593180304474112

Get $10 for 1st 100 sign ups

Pupsik Studio: Baby Stuff
Get 100 points upon sign up + discount codes.

Singtel Dash: e-wallet for payment at stores or online via VISA virtual card
$5 Bonus on your first top-up and up to 5% Cashback on your payments. Plus, get $5 FREE for your first remittance!
Promo Code: DHrvx12

Sunseap: Power your home with solar power
Enjoy $20 off from your electricity bill with referral code 7B7047AC. They have 100%, 50% or 1% solar plans. Can’t decide which to get? Basically any DOT (Discount off Tariffs) plan is cheaper than what you are paying SP now.

SingX: Send money to India or Malaysia at lower costs.
Get $10 NTUC Voucher.
Promo code: JUSTINA482

Shopback: Shop online, earn cashback.
Get $5 upon signup, $5 after first purchase.

Surfshark – Affordable VPN – secure your digital life and increase your Netflix library by changing your country of origin.
Sign up and get 1 month free

TransferWise – cross border money transfer. Good rates, low fees.

If you take the bus/mrt and haven’t enrolled for these, you are missing out

July 9th, 2016 by admin

If you have not heard of Travel Smart Rewards and Perx, time to get on board!


Sign up today, register your 16-digit CAN number on the back of your EZ-link card, and start earning points.

How it works:
Screenshot 2016-07-07 13.52.33

Every trip you take earns you points. You can choose either ‘Spin To Win’ or ‘Cash Buyout’.

‘Spin To Win’ – I suggest using the “Autoplay Credits Weekly” mode. It automatically takes all your points earned at the end of the week, and auto spins the wheel for you, then emails you when you’ve worn something. I like this because it’s pretty much a ‘brainless’ mode. You set it up once after signing up, and you never have to log in the website ever again.

‘Cash Buyout’ – If you rather save your points and cash them out, you can choose either a conversion of 1000 points for $1, or 5000 points for $5.

Remember to set up your payout options. Payout to bank account is recommended if you don’t frequent a major MRT station regularly. This is because if you win the ‘Spin to Win’ and have it credited to your Ez-link card, you would have to visit a machine to claim your card, and this isn’t the normal ticketing machine you find at every station.

Screenshot 2016-07-07 12.47.40

This program is not new, but I was one of the late adopters, only joining in January 2016. But hey, better late than never! Check this out! Since January, I’ve won a whooping $59 from the auto ‘Spin to Win’! Not bad for something that only takes less than 5 minutes to set up eh?

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up now, register your 16-digit CAN number on the back of your EZ-link card, and start earning points!



To begin, download Perx from your respective mobile store.

iPhone users – Perx Loyalty Cards on the App Store
Andriod Users – Perx – Mobile Loyalty Cards

In Perx, click on Ez-link, register your 16-digit CAN number on the back of your EZ-link card and you’re good to go.

Every trip you take, you earn points on Perx. These points can be used to redeem items in their ‘rewards catalogue’. They are mostly discount vouchers, but sometimes they offer vouchers for stores you already frequent. So why not right?