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Semi-automate your finances and be rewarded with rebates/points!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

I learnt about the whole idea of automating finances, after reading some blogs and books like “The Automatic Millionaire”. It seems like an interesting concept, as it simplifies things, and so I’ve been taking steps to move most of my bill-paying online.

Essentially, my plan is limited to (3) different bank credit cards, and (2) savings account.

Citibank Recurring payments are set up via Citibank One-bill

POSB recurring payments are set up via POSB Everyday Card

Renewal of HDB Season Parking Ticket can be done via HDB’s website

Town Council Conservancy & Service charges can be paid online via vpost.

Road Tax can be paid at any Post Office. You can choose to pay in 0% installment plans up to 6 months using your Diners credit card. Essentially, this means if you currently only pay half a year’s road tax each time, you could pay off your whole road tax over 12 months. (You’ve to make a trip to the Post Office every 6 months to charge it to your card though.)

I’m self-employed. While contributing to my ordinary and special accounts are voluntary, it’s compulsory to top up my medisave account. By using my diners card at any AXS station, it allows me to meet my medisave liabilities, and earn diners club points at the same time. Sorry full-timers, since your contributions are automatic, you can’t earn any points 😛 However, if you are topping up your CPF account (subject to cap), you can earn points too.

Note that there is a Singtel-UOB card that offers up to 2.5% rebate on your Singtel bills, but I personally am not keen on having another card just for one bill. Besides, I’m currently getting a 20% discount off my mobile lines via the MioHome “Mobile Multi-line discount” scheme.

Earn points paying your Singtel Bill with any credit card

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Did you know that you can pay your Singtel bill using any credit card? What’s more, you can do it in the comforts of your own home. Interested? Check out the various options below:

For the hands-on people:

1. Singtel Mybill

Step One: Sign up for a Singtel Mybill account.

Signing up for this account allows you to check your Singtel statements online, change your address or other particulars, and even consolidate your various accounts into one so you only have one bill and one payment date to worry about!

What’s more, when you sign up for mybill, you save trees as Singtel will no longer send you paper statements. Say bye bye to clutter! You can download PDF copies of your statements for your archival purposes, or to print out should you need to claim from office 😛

Step Two: Click on “payments” on the sidebar, follow the instructions, and viola! Pay your bill using your credit card.

2. AXS Station

If you have a Citibank credit card, you can charge your Singtel bill to your credit card at any AXS Station. Just click on Citibank>Billpay, and follow the instructions.


For those who prefer to automate their bills:

Citibank Credit Card Holders

Signing up for Citibank One-Bill allows Singtel to charge your Singtel bill to your Citibank credit card when due.


Using your credit card to pay your bills not only allows you to earn reward points or cash rebates, it also allows you to consolidate your payments, so you can pay off all your bills together when your pay cheque comes in each month, and you’ll never have a late charge again.

A word of caution: Pay your bills using your credit card only if you pay off your credit card in full every month. If you pay merely the minimum, you’ll end up paying more than you owe!