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The Postal Process and Recycling

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Every evening, I get my mail from the mailbox, and one third of it is ‘junk’ and goes straight to the trash can near the mailbox.

When I get home and open my mail, another half of it gets trashed (the envelopes, advertisement mailers, pages with terms and conditions etc.)

Which makes me wonder. Why don’t we have recycle bins strategically placed next to our mailboxes? We as a country who teach our young the 3’R’s, so why doesn’t the government take a more pro-active role in promoting recycling?

The bins need not be huge. In fact, I notice that a lot of residents often ‘litter’ in this ‘trough’ right below their mailboxes. It’s as if that box-like space is meant for that purpose. Are the papers there cleared for recycling? Or does town council designate it all as trash?

Speaking of mail boxes, I couldn’t help but be drawn to this box labelled “Returned mail”. Is it not possible to create another box that you can actually post letters? This way, it is more convenient and you would not need so many individual post boxes to be installed around Singapore. The postman who delivers your mail can conveniently pick up your outgoing mail too, along with those ‘returned mail’. This system is actually being practiced in the US, where even landed property mail boxes act as a letter box for ingoing and outgoing mail.

A US Mailbox:
When the right red flag on the side is raised, it indicates
that there is outgoing mail for the postman to collect.