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New Flats for Single Singaporeans?

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

– National Day Rally 2012 –
PM shared in his speech this evening that he understands the concerns raised by singles who can only buy from the resale market but not directly from HDB. MND will be looking into this issue. Share with us your thoughts. – MND Facebook

During this year’s National Day Rally (2012), PM Lee Hsien Loong made a small mention of the concerns of singles only being allowed to buy a flat from the resale market. The Ministry of National Development will be looking into this, but we probably won’t have any firmer news anytime soon.

HDB has released thousands of new BTO flats in the past 2 years, and these have certainly help meet the pent up demand for houses. In the past, new flats were only launched every 6 months, and some couples even after 4 bidding exercises and wasting 2 years, still failed to ballot for a flat. Compare this to now, where couples can usually get a flat within the first 2 bidding exercises, and new flats are launched every 3 months. Definitely an improvement.

My guess is, only after the first-timers backlog has been cleared, and second-timers are allotted a higher % to bid for another new flat will the new flat balloting then be opened to singles.

Of course no mention has been made about lowering the age requirement of singles to buy a flat, and I don’t think this will be addressed anytime soon.

National Day Rally 2011 – Housing

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Build-to-order (BTO) income ceiling raised from $8k to $10k.

Executive Condo ceiling raised from $10k to $12k.

To meet increase in demand for BTO flats, 25,000 flats will be built next year.

Some SER flats will not be demolished, which will increase rental flats to 7,000.

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