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FRANKly speaking, 6% rebate is a lot!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Update: Btw, the main reason why I feel this card isn’t attractive anymore, is that online spending no longer counts towards the minimum $500 spend. – 5 July 2016

Update: OCBC changed it’s terms & conditions wef Oct 2015. The Frank Credit Card no longer remains attractive. – 8 Dec 2015

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SG Citizenship is worth about $7,503-$10,583 more than PRs a year

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

According to, they calculate how much the Singapore citizenship is worth over a permanent resident. Their figure came up to an advantage of $4,511/year.

They break it down this way:

Child Birth: Baby Bonus + Ward Stay = $531/year (based on 1 kid)
Childcare Subsidy: $3600/yr
School Fees: $180/year
Housing: Insignificant
Health Subsidies: $4511/year treats housing advantage as insignificant since most would turn to the resale market, like PRs. However, by not including HDB Grants and access to HDB loans, this greatly distorts the yearly figure! (more…)